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14 November 2016

Lace Shirt Dusty Pink +Black Leggings +White Sneakers = Simple Way To Be

Haii guys,is noon now guys!!Very shiny day today and is hot but not really shock about the weather is because for this several months the weather is unpredictable on my home town it can be sunny day,it can be shiny day,it can be windy day,it can be cloudy day, it can be rainy day, it can be stormy and lightning too.So,that is how the weather now this days on my home town.I'm just going with the flow that is not distracting any my way to doing what i working on.So guys,I know that lace material is the same with brocade material.Is just different on the name.But for the material of the clothes is same.I know this days the material of lace or brocade is more longstanding if you all want to know it.And now is more like from generation to generation to wear this material.And now this days is more generated to making more fun,stylish,casual,formal and unformal looking.This days,lace or brocade material is everywhere at my home town and all can wear this one kind of thing.It can be more a material thing or you can buy as a clothes or a dress.It just up to you all,you can choose as you liked.And this days this lace or brocade material is more much be used by designers or tailor.And it can be apply in many clothes,dress,scarves,pants,denims and lot of things.And for that guys,this is my second look of today,I'm wearing on my lace shirt dusty pink,because of that I sharing to you all guys about the material lace or brocade.With my black leggings and my white sneakers shoes.It simple liked I said,isn't it??I got this lace shirt dusty pink on my local store at my home town,and when I see it first I doubtful because the color of this shirt but then I realize on the top of this shirt there's a material lace and then I liked it after looking of the lace on this shirt.And my husband liked it too.So,I decided it to buy it and mixing it with my other clothes in order to be more stylish and fun looking.It's more simple,fun and wearable to wear this outfit.And this is always been my favorite way to wearing all of my clothes.This is my look and style as always on my dailyness.And you can wear this every time and everyday as you liked.And you can adding with your favorite bags and accessories too.So guys,this is my review for today on my second outfit look..Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..

Cream Cross T-Shirt +Black Culottes +Red Ribbon Shoes = Simple Chic Look

Hai guys,morning all!!How do you do guys today all??Fine isn't it,well..that is so good to hear.I know it's been a month I'm not doing a posts on my blog,and I know I have been missing a lot from month ago,and that October is passed and I really not join of the halloween party so much and the costume but it's okay for me because next year it still available.I have been doing a lot of working with my family passed month ago that my is reason I'm not doing my blog for month ago.But now I will be able and more passion doing my blog for sharing all of my lifestyle fashion and my journey of me.For that,I got lot of inspiration to make lot of new posts from now on.So,I will give you all my new look for today,start from I'm wearing on my cream cross t-shirt that I got this from my local store on my home town and it's so nice,comfy and wearable to wear and if you look on this t-shirt there is a full of studded on here that makes more stylish and cool looking and the pattern of this t-shirt is cross that's why I liked this t-shirt and more stylish looking and I'm wearing with my black culottes plus with my red ribbon flat shoes and my black Hermes bag and my DIY silver metal ring necklace.This outfit is making me more comfortable,comfy,good looking,simple and chic looking.It so simple and wearable to wear.And this outfit you can wear anytime and everyday as you liked.And you can put with your favorite outwear or blazer and you can wear too with your favorite sneakers if you want to be more boyish look instead of chic looking.As you can see this outfit is more simple and comfy looking.So guys,this is my review for today.Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..

10 October 2016

Little Basic Black Dress or Baby Doll Dress

Haii guys,morning all!!It's been a week I'm not writing on my blog,sorry for that guys..I have a lot to do a week ago but now it's been already done.I know for some of my posts blog I been said over and over about the weather on my home town and it's still like that until now for the weather but it's okay for me,I just go for it.But I really enjoying this all weathers,airs,conditions and situations around me,feels more take it as it comes.So we talked about the weather,now we talked about my new blog posts today,here it is..I know when I'm wearing some of my clothes I just put on as I liked.And when it comes with dresses it much more simple,easy,wearable and quickly to wear on.Sometimes it's more difficult when myself put on a t-shirt and pants,it can be for hours on my closet to put on my best outfit.Yeahh..this is how I do when I'm put my clothes on.But after all that I told you guys about my little bit of my habit,here is my blog posts today..just now liked I said before,when wearing on my dresses is really more simple,easy,wearable and quickly to wear.Because this dresses is one pieces of clothes that is simple mini dress and easy to wear and certainly every woman often wearing this one kind of mini dress.And this mini dresses is more chic,girly,cutely simple and wearable look.Is more fun,basic and stylish too.Now this days,dresses is more much variety for each occasion and conditions.And much preferred by woman's.So for that,even though I'm not a person dress but I liked it too when it goes more simple,casual,basic and easy to wear.So,I'm wearing on my one pieces little basic black dress with my DIY stone necklace and my white sneakers shoes.This little basic black dress it much simple,easy and wearable too.And why I said this is little basic black dress it's because that this dress is more casual and basic look.And you can see this dress more look liked baby doll dress too,why I said that??It's because the style of this dress.Also this dress you can wear everyday as you liked and you can mixing it with your leggings if you want too and your favorite accessories too.So guys,this is my review for today..Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..

30 September 2016

Sweatshirt Light Blue Hoodie Mini Dress Sleeveless with Cool Strings and Pocket

Haii guys..afternoon all!!It's very unpredictable weather for this days and it so unfriendly.But for that,it's okay for me even tough that for few days ago I got sick because of that.And now I'm healthy as I am.So,while the weather is unfriendly and it can change for a second,I realized that for this few days the seasons step into rainy season.But it can still hot sunny day and drizzling rain too.But now just leave the weather and step into my new posts today..So for today,even tough the weather is unfriendly but it still can be stylish and fantastic looking.I know when the weather is unfriendly you can wear your sweater,coat or your jacket as you liked.And you can matching it up with your clothes as you liked.Liked with your summer dress too.So now I gave you my new's simple as you can see.I'm wearing on my sweatshirt light blue hoodie mini dress sleeveless with my anchor clothes pin and my dark gray sunglasses and my white sneakers shoes.It's really casual,easy and simply look.You can wear on your off-duty day.And it can be keep cozy and comfortable too as you wearing it.You can adding some of your favorite accessories too if you want too.And it's more comfy because the fabric of this dress.Not just you can wear on your off-duty day but you can wear it everyday as you liked.And it can wear too when drizzling rain or light rain and combined with your favorite shirts.Much more fashionable,stylish and wearable too.So guys this is my review for today..Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..

24 September 2016

Dark Blue Top + Blue Tribal Outer

Haii guys..morning all!!Happy weekend too all!'s weekend now..I can not believe it's weekend today.What a rough week for me but again it's over now I am so happy and glad it's over too!I know this days that outwear is one of fashion that never been forgotten.It's always been a favorites one outfit for every girls or women.I know this one outfit it can more friendly because you can wear this one everyday and every time as you liked.This one outfit you can mix and matching one of your favorite clothes too from your wardrobe.It's so trendy and can be stylish too.As you know,why today I'm talking about outwear,it's because one of my clothes on my closet is outwear or outer,bolero or cape.And it's one my favorite clothes too.As you know,some of my posts on a few ago,I posting it too one of my favorite outwear.If you have read it on my blog,that one of my outwear it seems more glam look.It's because of the look and little bit of shiny on the outfit.But it can be casual too.So for today,my look is related with our discussion before.For that,I gave you my look today..So,I'm wearing on my dark blue top with my blue tribal outwear and my black pants with my black Chanel bag and my gold accessories necklace,my owl ring and my ribbon red flat shoes.This outfit it seems more chic,elegant,glam but can be simple too.And I bought all of my clothes here is from my local store on my home town.I know I always said that,that my all clothes and things on my closet is from local store on my home town,because it's from the aspect of the material,the styles the looks on the clothes is the same thing all with others clothes.I really just like them a lot to buy on the local store.And I can mix and matching it up all as I liked.And you know,this outfit it can wear to any occasion.Because you can wear too formal or unformal occasion.Or to a relaxing time,or when you shopping or when you hangout too with your friend.So I really loved it this outfit too it's because it can fit and make me much more fashionable.So guys this is my review today on my posts blog..Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..

20 September 2016

Tiger Grey Top+ Ripped Jeans+ White Sneakers=Trendy Simple Look

Haii guys..night all!!It's been a few days I'm not posting on my blog,yeah..I know.After for this few days I have been thinking to make a new look more simple and casual on my blog.As you know I really love to wear all my clothes liked I said before.But not every style it's me as I liked.I really want be more simple, freshly, casual, and more basic look.That it's my style as you all know.And all of that I really liked to mixing it all for my style it"s more me and with my accessories too.I know everyone has being love wearing denim even more when is ripped,it's more stylish,trendy look.And it can wear with any of your clothes and matching it up all.For that,ripped jeans it's not only for girls but boys can wear it too.But ripped jeans most variable for girls.It's a lot more variable not only for the pants but for denim skirt too.And not all that,it can wear every time as you liked and it's more stylish too.So for that,I'm wearing my tiger grey top sleeveless with my ripped jeans and my white sneakers.It simple and casual as I said before.It's more me liked this.And I bought this grey top sleeveless tiger from my local store here on my home town and ripped jeans it's my husband jeans and my white sneakers it's also from my local store on my home town too.I don't why but I love to wear it all time.So for you guys all here is my posts on today.Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..

10 September 2016

Multifunction Skirt

Haii's been a half day now,then I thought I have to do something to make me not boring. Sometimes I really get bored with not do nothing at home,it's because everyday my husband go to work and I'm at home alone.And for that reason,I don't wanna make my times just being wasting like that.And for sure now I have a new hobby that is my blog here.And I love to doing this for everyday now.Even though when I'm tired or boring or don't have a discussion to talk about or when I'm in more idle.So for you guys you will see more posts a head on my blog here.Hope you all will liked and enjoy my blog.And here's my new look..I'm wearing on my white skirt,why I said that it's actually a skirt but you can put on this outfit to be a frock or a multifunction skirt.It's because you can put in anyway that you liked it.I really got this idea to wear on because actually this skirt it's like a dress or frock and it so fun.And I can get more idea to put my clothes in many ways.So I put on my black vest,with my pink headband and white beads necklace and blue flat shoes.This outfit it much more girly,cute and chic.You can use on a summer or sunny day and where to beach party or going to a pool party. And because it's a skirt when you put on this to be frock it can be flared it too.I know this post is more liked my posts before but there's a different on it.This is more girly and the other one it's more comfortable to wear. Hope you all liked and enjoy my look..

07 September 2016

White + Cream = Nice Combo Match

Haii guys..good day!!Now I'm back to sharing you all with my new look.You know this days I obviously had a thought and hard thinking how to wearing our clothes in one week or one month with a variety of styles. Maybe for you guys think it's kinda funny, but you know we can all see how this days has a lot or with many variety styles on every days look.In what way,in what look,in what moment or you just only on your daily days you can made it as one style.It can make you much more confident,creative and being yourself as you are. As many plenty styles and look on fashion,I hope you can decided what do you love to wear?For that,I will gave you my new look..As today I'm wearing my top sleeveless white,trousers cream flower cropped pants,DIY wood mixed necklace,and white sneakers shoes.It's simple as I am.And yupp,I'm really not a type of person who has to wear up properly liked I said before.I can be messy,girly,denim and basic too,just like to wear on as I liked.This outfit it really much more comfortable,casual and chic look.It's really fun and easy when matching up all.And for that,I really loved this look because it's really me for sure.And it wearable too.Enjoy my looks guys..

11 March 2016

Be More Than You Can

Haii I'm posting my new look..this afternoon liked I said before, I'm not a type of girl who dress up have to be so properly. That's exactly what I meant. So this afternoon I'm wearing my denim jacket with my sky blue top sleeveless and my ripped jeans and sure I don't forget my black abstract sneakers and my black studded sling bag or you can used it liked a clutch too with my black bobby pin DIY statement necklace. As you can see, this outfit it so comfortable and easy to wear. And I know everyone, all wearing this outfit for everyday. It's casual, comfort, cozy, wearable and stylish look. You can all wear this in everyday and anytime you like. And the plus is you really can put your accessories as you like. This outfit  it's more urban look and style. If  you liked you can pull on your top as you liked too. And why I said DIY  necklace? Because I made by myself. I really often from few years ago I decided to make my own accessories, it's more fun, easy and more creative as you all know. You can make it as you liked. And as you know this look can more cool than ever if you mix and match your outfit by your self. And this is me guys for sure what I'm wearing it's follow with my mood and feelings.So you can called it with my free mind.