14 November 2016

Lace Shirt Dusty Pink +Black Leggings +White Sneakers = Simple Way To Be

Haii guys,is noon now guys!!Very shiny day today and is hot but not really shock about the weather is because for this several months the weather is unpredictable on my home town it can be sunny day,it can be shiny day,it can be windy day,it can be cloudy day, it can be rainy day, it can be stormy and lightning too.So,that is how the weather now this days on my home town.I'm just going with the flow that is not distracting any my way to doing what i working on.So guys,I know that lace material is the same with brocade material.Is just different on the name.But for the material of the clothes is same.I know this days the material of lace or brocade is more longstanding if you all want to know it.And now is more like from generation to generation to wear this material.And now this days is more generated to making more fun,stylish,casual,formal and unformal looking.This days,lace or brocade material is everywhere at my home town and all can wear this one kind of thing.It can be more a material thing or you can buy as a clothes or a dress.It just up to you all,you can choose as you liked.And this days this lace or brocade material is more much be used by designers or tailor.And it can be apply in many clothes,dress,scarves,pants,denims and lot of things.And for that guys,this is my second look of today,I'm wearing on my lace shirt dusty pink,because of that I sharing to you all guys about the material lace or brocade.With my black leggings and my white sneakers shoes.It simple liked I said,isn't it??I got this lace shirt dusty pink on my local store at my home town,and when I see it first I doubtful because the color of this shirt but then I realize on the top of this shirt there's a material lace and then I liked it after looking of the lace on this shirt.And my husband liked it too.So,I decided it to buy it and mixing it with my other clothes in order to be more stylish and fun looking.It's more simple,fun and wearable to wear this outfit.And this is always been my favorite way to wearing all of my clothes.This is my look and style as always on my dailyness.And you can wear this every time and everyday as you liked.And you can adding with your favorite bags and accessories too.So guys,this is my review for today on my second outfit look..Hope you all liked and enjoy my blog..
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